Well-coordinated work

Dragon Capital KFT team works hard to deliver the most convenient terms to the customers.
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Objectives of the company

Become an unrivaled leader on the Eastern Europe territory
Competition in the field of CFD trading has a place. The company’s activity is aimed at delivering the maximum profit to the clients. We try to be the leaders in the sphere.
Offer the opportunity of trading to everybody
The increase in the company’s network is one of the main activities. We constantly develop the platform and improve service quality. Our team does this for attracting traders from all over the world.

Trade when you want

The company provides services to different people. Even if you have little experience, your trading will be successful.
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History of the Dragon Capital KFT

2017 year
2018 year
2019 year
2020 year

A team of experienced financiers has decided to create an SpinTop Capital brand.

The company demonstrated high results in 3 months

The Dragon Capital KFT showed remarkable outcomes regarding the daily volume of the trading operation in the second year of its being. 89 000 accounts were registered.

The developers improved the trading terminal significantly.

The phase of intensive optimization of the trading instruments

The developers worked heavily to increase the quality of the platform, increasing the customers’ abilities.

The professional activity brought international awards to the company

Wide acceptance of the Dragon Capital KFT. A huge amount of the registered accounts, closed deals, and satisfied customers

SpinTop Capital is a platform for efficient trading

The availability of various financial instruments brings efficiency to CFD trading. Along with this, the SpinTop Capital team doesn’t stay still. The platform optimization has a place regularly.
SpinTop Capital advantages:
The wide range of the trading instruments
Flotation in the real-time format
Sustainable access to trading
The absence of the requotes and slippages
Protection against the negative balance
The leverage from 1:1 to 1:500
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